Using Persuasive Strategies

This week our wonderful EAP students will be learning how to use and incorporate persuasive strategies into their work. After analyzing how to use such strategies as logos, pathos, ethos and kairos, students will then be given the opportunity to create their own multimedia advertisement, encouraging people to visit their home country.

The following film on visiting Great Britain is an example of what their finished product might look like.


Fountas and Pinnell Reading Assessments


This week our wonderful EAP students have once again begun completing their latest Fountas and Pinnell reading assessments. These reading tests will be on-going for some time and they will provide useful data pinpointing each child’s current reading level, together with the progress they have made. In addition, the assessments provide us with useful data on the exact challenges which students face when reading aloud and how well they are able to analyze the content of a text.

Student Led Conferences

Many thanks to all of our wonderful EAP students and their parents for making Student Led Conferences such a huge success yesterday. Everybody clearly enjoyed looking back at a productive year of learning and a selection of excerpts from the conversations that took place can be seen in the above movie. Happy viewing!

Classroom Without Walls – The Movie

Dear Parents,

Please take this opportunity to watch footage of your children having fun at Subic during CWW last month.

This first film features our students engaging in the various educational activities on offer, as well as relaxing communally on the beach.

The second film shows excerpts from the Talent Show and the dance party that followed.

Happy viewing!


After reading the short story Omega File 349, our wonderful EAP students have been recreating some of the characters from the text using a website called A selection of the interesting reincarnations can be seen below.

These first samples show the animations created by the students speaking with their own voices:

Ai – Arla

Asuka – Arla

Zinedine – Johnny Cook

Ori – Johnny Cook

Stan – Johnny Cook

Hana – Me

Hanjun – Johnny Cook

Seungbihn – Johnny Cook

Sam – Jude

Aoi – Johnny Cook

Jeanne – Jude

Sawapo – Johnny Cook

Kota – Arla

Christian – Arla

Sayaka – Johnny Cook

Koharu – Jude

Seung Jae – Arla

Minjae – Johnny Cook

Genildo – Hawker

Risako – Johnny Cook

Moe – Arla

These additional animations feature the characters speaking the text written by the students:

Ori – Jude

Ai – Jude

Stan – Hawker

Asuka – Johnny Cook

Zinedine – Hawker

Aoi – Hawker

Seungbihn – Hawker

Jeanne – Johnny Cook

Hanjun – Hawker

Hana – Misaki

Sam – Johnny Cook

Sawapo – Arla

Sayaka – Arla

Joel – Johnny Cook

Koharu – Arla

Christian – Hawker

Kota – Johnny Cook

Seung Jae – Johnny Cook

Minjae – Hawker

Moe – Jude

Genildo – Arla








After an amazing week of activities during Classroom Without Walls, our wonderful students have returned from their stay at Camayan Beach Resort in Subic with countless memories of an incredible learning experience. Watch this space during the coming weeks for movies documenting our time there.

Omega File 349


This week our wonderful EAP stories have been continuing to practice their reading skills by working on the short story Omega File 349 by Jennifer Bassett.

This story follows on from a number of other texts they have studied from the volume Bookworms Club Bronze, which contains a selection of interesting stories for reading circles.