Omega File 349


This week our wonderful EAP stories have been continuing to practice their reading skills by working on the short story Omega File 349 by Jennifer Bassett.

This story follows on from a number of other texts they have studied from the volume Bookworms Club Bronze, which contains a selection of interesting stories for reading circles.

Second Semester Assessment Plan

Dear Parents,

Welcome back after the Christmas break. I hope your children all had the chance to recuperate during the past 3 weeks and that they have returned to ISM with renewed energy, ready for the semester of learning that lies ahead.

Below you can access the second semester assessment plan which will form the basis of our learning activities during the coming months.

Many thanks as always for your continued support in enabling your wonderful children to progress and fulfill their ability.

Semester 2 Assessment Plan 2015-16

Brainpop ESL

Now that our wonderful ESL students have finished their end of semester WIDA assessments, they have spent their last full length EAP lesson of 2015 enjoying some of the learning activities on The username and password they need to access the site are exactly the same as for

As always we would encourage our students to make use of this wonderful learning tool at home.

WIDA Assessments


During the month of November, all of our wonderful EAP students will be completing their end of semester WIDA assessments in the fields of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

These assessments provide us with a range of data documenting student progress and the results and recommendations will be communicated to parents in writing during the second week of December.

Good luck to all students!

Assessing your child’s reading level

We are currently assessing the reading level of each of our wonderful grade 5 EAP students using the Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark Assessment System.

I will share the result of this assessment with you at Parent-Teacher Conferences, which are due to take place between October 14th and 20th.

For your reference, I am enclosing a correlation sheet which you can use a point of reference to more clearly explain what the assessment data signifies.

f&p correlation chart

Parent Coffee

Many thanks to all of our wonderful parents who gave up their time to come to the Parent Coffee this morning.

This annual event once again gave parents a chance to get a closer look at how we support language learners in both Middle and High School. In addition, the activities provided everybody with the opportunity to make new friends while showcasing their English skills. You were all excellent role models for your children, so many thanks again for attending.


Preparations for Open House on August 27

Dear Parents,

I am writing to you with regard to Open House which as you know will take place this week after school on Thursday 27th August.

Open House is a wonderful opportunity for me to get to know as many parents as possible, so I very much hope that all of you will be able to attend.
As I am sure you are aware, the evening will present you with an excellent opportunity to meet all of your child’s teachers. This unfortunately means that I will only have a maximum of 10 minutes with you all as a group.
Since it is very limited what I can tell you in such a short space of time, I have prepared a document which I am enclosing below, which will hopefully tell you all of the things you might wish to know.
If you have the chance to do so, could I please ask that you read this document carefully before attending on Thursday. It contains information about the course as well as some of the resources that we use such as, which I will be introducing your child to during the coming days.
The last two pages of the document are a questionnaire. It would also be of considerable help to me in assessing your child’s needs if you could print these last two pages out and fill in the document by hand. If you could bring the completed sheets with you and give them to me on Thursday, that would be wonderful. Otherwise, I would be very happy for you to return them to me via your child as soon as you have had the opportunity to complete them.
I am very looking forward to meeting you on Thursday.
Best wishes,

Introduction letter and course description 2015