Classroom Without Walls – The Movie

Dear Parents,

Please take this opportunity to watch footage of your children having fun at Subic during CWW last month.

This first film features our students engaging in the various educational activities on offer, as well as relaxing communally on the beach.

The second film shows excerpts from the Talent Show and the dance party that followed.

Happy viewing!





After an amazing week of activities during Classroom Without Walls, our wonderful students have returned from their stay at Camayan Beach Resort in Subic with countless memories of an incredible learning experience. Watch this space during the coming weeks for movies documenting our time there.

Teambuilding at CWW

Classroom Without Walls was once again a huge success in the whole of Middle School last week. With a strong focus on collaboration, all of our wonderful students were encouraged to participate in a whole range of activities which fostered a strong sense of community and teambuilding.

During the second day of activities, I was lucky enough to witness our grade 5 students working together with each other, as well as our guests from Papaya Academy, to complete the so-called Marshmallow Challenge.

Working collaboratively in groups of four, each team of students was provided with 20 sticks of spaghetti, one meter of sticky tape, one meter of string and a marshmallow. Their task was to them build a free-standing structure from these materials in just 18 minutes, with the winners being the team whose marshmallow was at the highest point above the surface of the table top.

Our students demonstrated great initiative, with many teams showing themselves able to build stable spaghetti towers. On the tallest structure, the marshmallow was an incredible 31 centimetres above the table top, which represents a new school record.

Congratulations to all of our students and Papaya guests for the collaborative spirit which they showed throughout the day.


Welcome back to the new school year 2014-15

Dear Parents & Students,

Welcome to grade 5 EAP! It promises to be another exciting year of language learning here at ISM.

Please find below a copy of the letter which was distributed to all EAP students at the start of the new academic year 2014-15.

Many thanks to all of those parents who have already completed the questionnaire enclosed at the end.

I’m very much looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible at Open House on Wednesday August 27th. In the meantime, you’ll find most of the information you need about how to best support your child during the coming year enclosed below.

Introduction letter and EAP Course Description Aug 2014