ESL Parent Coffee

Many thanks to all parents who attended the ESL coffee morning earlier today. It felt great to see so many friendly faces at the various workshops on offer. In addition, it was particularly encouraging to observe parents demonstrating a willingness to act as role models for their children by accepting the challenge to take a linguistic risk and engage in the collaborative learning exercise ‘Find Someone Who’.

Collaborative Learning

We have already gotten the new school year off to a great start with a collaborative learning exercise in Science based on a moon landing. After practicing the language of justification, agreement and comparison, students worked collaboratively to discuss and ultimately decide which items out of a total of 15 on offer would prove the most and least useful when preparing for a moon walk. The exercise prompted the students to participate in an engaging debate.

Welcome to Grade 5, School Year 2016-17

Welcome back to the start of the academic year 2016-17. What better way to begin the new semester than with a whole school assembly featuring our esteemed principals Ms. Harrington and Ms. Pekin rapping rhythmically on the stage, much to the delight of our wonderful Middle School students. Here’s to another great year at ISM.

Happy Holidays!

During our final EAP lesson of the academic year, we played a couple of fun online games together, including this excellent vocabulary building game.

My best performance so far is 25,100 points, so should any of my wonderful EAP students want to practise their vocabulary skills over the summer, you can do so by clicking here. If the above link does not work, please use the following URL:

If anybody can beat that score, (and you may use your parents’ help to try to do so), please take a screenshot as I have done below documenting your score and send it to me by email over the summer. Then you can come and see me in August to claim your sourtape as a prize.

In the meantime, can I take this opportunity to wish you all happy holidays over the summer. Thank you all for a great year of learning.

Best wishes,

Mr. B.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 9.38.06 PM

Museum of Change

On June 2nd, all of our wonderful grade 5 students were given the opportunity to showcase their learning at the Museum of Change.

The first session lasted from 8.45 to 9.55 and many of the amazing exhibits which were on show can be seen here:

The final session was held from 11.30 to 12.40 and it too featured some incredible educational displays which well and truly brought the museum to life.

Many thanks to everybody who participated and/or supported our talented grade 5 students today. The Museum of Change certainly enabled them to end what has unquestionably been an awesome year of learning on a real high.

Analyzing Change

As part of our Quarter 4 unit of study on the subject of Change, our wonderful EAP students have been learning about the causes and consequences of the tsunami that devastated north-eastern Japan in March 2011.

In their final summative assessment of this academic year, they will be recording themselves giving an oral report, explaining the impact which the tsunami had on Japan, and how learning about it has changed their thinking.

More information on the tsunami can be found in the video links below.

Home country presentations

After learning about how to incorporate various persuasive strategies into their work, all of our wonderful EAP students were requested to create a structured text containing a series of arguments designed to convince the reader to visit their home country.

The students were then asked to use the text which they had written as the basis for a multimedia presentation using visuals and possibly sound.

Some of the awesome slideshows and movies they made can be seen below.

Happy viewing!


Seung Jae





















Book Clubs

It’s been very enriching for me to listen to our wonderful EAP students participating in book club discussions as part of the English and Social Studies Quarter 4 unit on the subject of change.

Our students have been reading about various historical figures who have brought about positive change in the world. These have included icons such as George Washington, Neil Armstrong, Mother Teresa, Bill Gates, Nikola Tesla and the Beatles. As a huge fan of the group’s music, it’s been interesting for me to be asked so many questions by my students about a band who split up 46 years ago, and yet who continue to have such a huge impact on the modern world.

Book clubs and the discussions they foster are a great learning tool to help our students better understand the past and its influence on our lives today.

How is energy transferred?

As part of the Quarter 4 focus on the topic of energy, our wonderful EAP students are currently learning about light and sound in their science classes. They have consequently been conducting several observations, including an analysis of how sound waves are caused by the vibration of strings on instruments such as guitars and violins. As the above video demonstrates, it is truly a fascinating subject to research.