After reading the short story Omega File 349, our wonderful EAP students have been recreating some of the characters from the text using a website called voki.com. A selection of the interesting reincarnations can be seen below.

These first samples show the animations created by the students speaking with their own voices:

Ai – Arla

Asuka – Arla

Zinedine – Johnny Cook

Ori – Johnny Cook

Stan – Johnny Cook

Hana – Me

Hanjun – Johnny Cook

Seungbihn – Johnny Cook

Sam – Jude

Aoi – Johnny Cook

Jeanne – Jude

Sawapo – Johnny Cook

Kota – Arla

Christian – Arla

Sayaka – Johnny Cook

Koharu – Jude

Seung Jae – Arla

Minjae – Johnny Cook

Genildo – Hawker

Risako – Johnny Cook

Moe – Arla

These additional animations feature the characters speaking the text written by the students:

Ori – Jude

Ai – Jude

Stan – Hawker

Asuka – Johnny Cook

Zinedine – Hawker

Aoi – Hawker

Seungbihn – Hawker

Jeanne – Johnny Cook

Hanjun – Hawker

Hana – Misaki

Sam – Johnny Cook

Sawapo – Arla

Sayaka – Arla

Joel – Johnny Cook

Koharu – Arla

Christian – Hawker

Kota – Johnny Cook

Seung Jae – Johnny Cook

Minjae – Hawker

Moe – Jude

Genildo – Arla




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